Case Studies


Across industries, our team of accounting specialists remains steadfast in applying our expertise, experience, and insight to generate timely and superior results for our clients. Through analysis, research, and attention to detail, our team works diligently to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients.

Investigated suspected fraud by the president of a closely-held family business. We identified various fraud schemes relating to payroll, fake vendors, and life insurance that resulted in more than $1 million in misappropriated cash, primarily through the utilization of a hidden corporate bank account. Our investigation led to a settlement that resulted in the owners recovering much of the stolen funds.

Utilized options pricing models to calculate the fair market value of stock options in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 409A. We were retained by a software development startup company to determine the value of employee stock options, which included various classes of common and preferred stock. Because the company had multiple classes of equity, we employed the Options Pricing Model (“OPM”) to allocate the calculated value of the company’s total equity to the various classes.

Provided business valuation and consulting services relating to estate and succession planning, family-owned business, and real estate assets. We worked with the family’s attorneys, accountants, and outside appraisers to assist in developing the most beneficial structure for the long-term preservation and growth of the family’s assets.

Testified on behalf of a family business in an economic damages case in which the plaintiff was seeking a recovery for supposed losses in the amount of approximately $1.5 million. We performed an analysis of the plaintiff’s loss calculation and identified significant discrepancies and inconsistencies relating to the facts and methodologies used to estimate the loss. Our analysis determined that the plaintiff suffered no losses and in fact saved money as the result of our client’s actions. A jury agreed with our analysis and awarded the plaintiff with no damages.

Prepared a lost profits analysis and testified on behalf of a client who suffered a fire on the company’s premises which resulted in an interruption of business activities. The client did not feel that the loss calculated by the insurance company’s expert was fair and engaged us to perform an independent analysis. As a result of our analysis and testimony, the client was able to obtain a more fair and equitable outcome.